What to Consider when Switching CAD Programs

This eBook from engineering.com explores how new technologies and sustainability initiatives are reshaping product design and business practices, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right CAD package for future success.

New technologies such as AI and features that support corporate sustainability initiatives can make a big difference in how and what we design. This means the way that we conduct business and design our products may need to change. We must look at the tools of our trade, such as our CAD programs, and ask ourselves, “Are they keeping up?”

Switching CAD packages is an important moment for a business. It may even be one of those moments that inspires transformation, because these days it goes beyond just the CAD program itself. It goes beyond just the day-to-day design work. It goes beyond a single department or team and offers an inflection point with the means to transcend a business. It truly is an epic decision with profound implications.

This eBook delves into what you should be considering for product creation now and in the future, when making the decision to change your CAD package:

  • Past experience – How did you design in the past?
  • Current business – How do you design in the present?
  • Future goals – How will you design in the future?