What’s the Cost of Disconnected Tools to Your Business?

Disconnected Tools

Top companies are finding greater success moving away from a disconnected, best-of-breed software approach and adopting an integrated platform digital transformation strategy.

This Tech Clarity research report, based on a survey of 187 IT, product development, and manufacturing professionals, reveals best practices for overcoming the cost of disconnected tools by integrating your teams on a single platform.

Key takeaways you’ll discover include:

  • 99 percent of those using an integrated platform report advantages over other approaches
  • Lack of integration across best-of-breed tools creates bottlenecks and breaks the digital thread
  • Integrated software minimizes manual efforts and non-value-added work, while increasing efficiency
  • A platform approach increases data reuse across the product lifecycle, eliminates data silos, and automates processes and workflows
  • Cloud-based, integrated platforms with dedicated security capabilities are better suited to protect IP while facilitating collaboration

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