What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Suite 2018

SOLIDWORKS® Simulation 2018 delivers actionable results for both the professional designer and engineers as well as for the dedicated analyst, raising the bar for simulation productivity and user experience. In this webinar, the SOLIDWORKS Simulation field technical managers will take you through a curated selection of the most important new features of our Simulation Suite in 2018. While these new features are impactful and add a ton of power to our Simulation toolset, what we really want to highlight are the direct benefits to the design community and how it furthers our mission of bringing analyst-level simulation capabilities to every SOLIDWORKS user. There are reasons for everyone to upgrade right away, so you don't want to miss this opportunity to see what's in it for you and your team.

During this in-depth webinar, you'll learn how SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 allows you to

  • Develop innovative minimum mass components in SOLIDWORKS using the New Topology Study.
  • Have confidence in the analysis results and make the correct design variations using the Singularity Diagnostics tool.
  • Identify and analyze Noise generators from turbulent fluid flows and increase productivity in your CFD workflow by making it more scalable with Full Templates.
  • Mitigate design and injection molding challenges with superior technology and enhanced ways to interact with both design and manufacturability data.
  • Tackle the most challenging high-end nonlinear problems rapidly and reliably by using the SIMULIA® Simulation Engineer product, powered by Abaqus solver technology.

WATCH THE VIDEO to experience the must-have features and enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018.