Why SMBs are Ushering in Next Wave of Robotics Adoption

Robotics offer the potential to automate mundane, repetitive tasks, which can help small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMBs) cut production costs and improve quality control. Despite this, SMBs have largely stayed on the sidelines while bigger companies have reaped the benefits.

Fortunately, today companies of all sizes can start benefiting from robotics.

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  • Lower cost – Tech advancements and economies of scale have caused costs to decline significantly
  • No-code or Low-code technology – Simplifies programming and integration of robots
  • Plug-and-Play solutions Advancements in component standardization, miniaturization of components, and improvements in connectivity, enable plug-and-play capabilities
  • Cloud computing – Provides the backbone for Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS), which enables SMBs to incorporate robotics as needed, scaling up or down based on needs

DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER to learn how adding robotics can help achieve SMBs do more with less people while cutting costs and improving efficiencies.