Working With and Manufacturing Complex Geometry and Organic Shapes

There is no shortage of challenges facing engineers today. Schedules are getting shorter while budgets are drying up. Demand for smart, connected products is driving the addition of software and electronics everywhere. Products must be faster, lighter, and just plain better. Amid all these changes, geometry is getting more complex. 

How do designers address the rising tide of increasingly complex geometry? Answering that question is the purpose of this eBook. It is organized into workflows that engineers face every day. Each workflow details the traditional tools as well as the changes that 3D Sculptor, 3D Creator, and Manufacturing Definition Creator power, specifically:

  • Building Concepts with Sub-D Modeling, Fast and Easy
  • Collecting Feedback and Signoffs with Everyone from Executives to Customers
  • Smoothing Out Topology-Optimized Geometry
  • Taking Complex Geometry and Organic Shapes to Production

DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK to learn how industrial designers, digital sculptors, and mechanical engineers can create complex geometry and organic shapes with subdivision modeling and make sure their models are manufacture ready.