Business Intelligence Software For Manufacturing Companies

Easy-to-use reporting and analysis tools so you can make accurate, proactive decisions

In today's highly competitive, global economy, companies need a constant eye on performance to ensure optimal plant operations as well as a positive bottom line. The DELMIAworks Business Intelligence tools provides a 360-degree view of  your operations to help you examine, evaluate and analyze business areas with reports, email alerts, advanced analytics, dashboards and more.

Drill-down functionality allows key management personnel to receive critical details and respond quickly and more intelligently to trends in sales, production, material usage, labor, supplier performance and more.

The DELMIAworks Business Intelligence tools leverage the data within the comprehensive Manufacturing softwareERP System and Supply Chain Software to bring Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting and analysis to your fingertips. Time is spent directing the business instead of digging through data.

Flexible, user-friendly Business Intelligence tools include:

Customized Dashboards
Executive dashboards that can be quickly and easily customized to present just the information end users need.

Anytime, Anywhere Availability
All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection to access all your KPIs, scorecards and more.

Gauges offer visual snapshots of performance at a global or local level.

Advanced Tree Map Analysis
Tree maps offer quick, easy-to-read, graphical representations of many areas of analysis such as highest and lowest profitable part produced.

Real-time Interactive Reporting
Thousands of reports assist in evaluation of various areas of your business, including labor utilization, production hours, forecasting, cash analysis and more.

Real-Time Shop Floor Access
RealTime™ monitoring functionality offers immediate feedback from the shop floor to oversee production rates, quality, and equipment usage and efficiency.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
IQAlert Business Activity Monitoring module can keep track of business critical data and automatically send notifications and exception messages.

RSS Feeds
RSS feeds keep track of news affecting your business as well as monitoring the competition.

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