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Whether implementing the DELMIAworks ERP software solution for the first time, needing an objective assessment of your business process or simply upgrading to a new release, the DELMIAworks Professional Services team is here to help you realize a quicker time to value and ensure full adoption of your solution.

We work side by side with you to ensure your success through:

  • Implementation Consulting
  • Program Management
  • ERP Roadmap and Design
  • Value-added Service

Our Professional Services team provides a proven, holistic end-to-end deployment model that adheres to industry best practices. With a solid team of project managers, solution architects and subject matter experts, DELMIAworks can assist any sized organization with planning and implementing your new ERP solution.

Implementation Methodology

Our unique Implementation by Design™ methodology mirrors the manufacturing process to ensure greater acceptance and success within your organization. This implementation approach was developed from 20+ years of successful implementations. Our process is based on an iterative combination agile waterfall approach, enabling faster implementation so that you can begin realizing benefits sooner through our supporting tools and validated guidelines.

Our team offers on-site, remote, and hybrid implementations, providing a targeted approach to maintain a “business as usual” environment throughout the implementation process.  Our proven data migration and conversion process leverages tools and scripts for populating your new DELMIAworks system.

Whether deploying the entire ERP suite, a manufacturing execution integration, or a single module, the flexibility of our methodology allows us to implement efficiently.

Implementation by Design™ methodology

In-depth product training to get your team up-to-speed on the new functionality and system is integrated into the implementation project plan to effectively augment consulting services for a more successful implementation. Click here to learn more about our Training Programs.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is the analysis and redesign of core business processes by optimizing end-to-end processes and automating non-value-added tasks to achieve improvements in fulfillment, productivity, cycle times, time management, quality and costs.

When implementing a new ERP/MES system backbone for your company, your business processes will need to change to align with your new system.  DELMIAworks’ Professional Services team can lead you through this process reengineering, focusing on value engineering to create lean, efficient, streamlined processes that maximize value.  Our team will review and analyze your current business processes with you to eliminate waste while creating more efficient processes that can be monitored and enforced.

To ensure successful implementation, adoption and sustainment of your new business processes post-launch, we also offer a formalized Change Management & Adoption Program. This program will guide your users and organization through the migration to the newly defined business process and accelerate your time to value by enabling a stronger/faster user adoption rate.

Curious to learn more about Change Management and how our program can help you implement a more successful company culture change? Email us at

Functional Areas

The DELMIAworks Professional Services team offers consulting and implementation services through optimized delivery models that leverage an in-depth knowledge base of best practices learned from implementing hundreds of ERP and MES solutions across numerous business functions, including:

  • Finance and Accounting - DELMIAworks can provide recommendations for setting up your system to support your accounting methodology, various costing and inventory valuation models, and the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), including GL structure, accounting structure, and month-end closures.
  • Quality Standards and Statistical Process Control (SPC) – Adhere to quality assurance compliance standards and provide traceability for customer requirements.
  • Manufacturing Execution – Leverage real-time data and analytics to improve decision making and eliminate costly mistakes on the shop floor
  • Warehouse Optimization – Adhere to quality assurance compliance standards and provide traceability for customer requirements.
  • Application-Specific  – Consulting for each specific module within the application, covering both global and specific areas within the software

Our team has decades of experience implementing numerous services, including:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – Streamline your accounts receivable and accounts payable processes with assistance in facilitating the exchange of data between you and your partners
  • Data Migration – Manage the data conversion process from your current system into your new DELMIAworks system, including custom report writing
  • Data Visualization – Creation of business intelligence dashboards for quick access to KPIs, as well as deeper analytic insights into your business
  • Integration Services – Create an integration layer for your DELMIAworks system to transfer data downstream or to other external systems

Post-Implementation Services

Once you are successfully utilizing DELMIAworks’ ERP and MES solutions, our Professional Services team offers post-implementation services to help you get the most out of your investment, including:

  • Upgrades – Keep your DELMIAworks system up to date with the latest and greatest functionality by upgrading your system to current software versions
  • Data Loads – Manage and automate regular or one-time data loading into your DELMIAworks system
  • Custom Reports – Develop customized Crystal Reports that allow you to get daily insight into your business operations
  • Custom Labels - Produce custom shipping labels that contain all of the information you need for shipping and transferring items to customers and business partners

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