Easy Access to HR Related Data in an Easy to Use Portal

The DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) Employee Self-Service Portal is a secure web-based module that empowers employees to view and make updates to their own personal and benefit information without filling out forms and waiting for the Human Resource department to enter it into the system. Because the DELMIAWorks Self-Service Portal is part of the comprehensive DELMIAWorks Manufacturing ERP Software Solution, updates through the Employee Portal are made directly to the Payroll or HR Employee Maintenance modules. As a result:

  • Changes and updates are reflected in real time
  • Non-value added functions are eliminated
  • Phone calls are reduced
  • Data entry errors are eliminated
  • HR productivity and efficiency is improved as staff is able to focus on more important issues 

The DELMIAWorks Employee Self-Service Portal allows employees quick and easy access:

  • Taxes and Deductions - View deductions for taxes, 401K, insurance and more
  • Vacation, Holiday and Sick Pay - View days taken, quantity  accrued, total per year, time left to take and start and end date
  • Emergency Contacts - Add or edit emergency contacts
  • Personal Information - View personal information such as contact information, birth date, marital status and hire date plus employee review information and more. Update functions allows employees to change phone, email, address, city, state and postal code
  • Modification Alerts - Set up Alerts to notify HR or Payroll when a record has been modified
  • Dependant and Beneficiary Information - View, edit, add or remove beneficiary and dependant information
  • Training and Certification - View skills and job descriptions, as well as testing, training and special certifications including  expiration dates

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