Business Activity Monitoring from DELMIAWorks — IQALERT

Turn mission critical data into actionable alert

Business activity monitoring with IQAlert lets you take a proactive approach to critical business and manufacturing issues by evaluating mission-critical data and turning it into actions and advisories BEFORE you need it. IQAlert is a completely customizable, query-based reminder/event notification system that captures and evaluates data, then turns it into actions and advisories of time and event-sensitive issues that may require action.

Taking the form of a text message sent directly to your cell phone, an email message, printed report or launching of special processes, IQAlert can send messages relating to anything in the entire DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) system. Whether it is a "time" driven event (update the schedule, schedule reports to print, perform an employee review), or an event-driven query (inventory falling below a predefined level, jobs affected by material shortages, changes in an order release), an automatic task launcher IQAlert will "alert" you.

DELMIAWorks Business Activity Monitoring Functionality

As a Report and Automatic Task/Procedure Launcher

  • ​​​​​​Reports and emails - Select any standard or custom report (i.e. daily inventory levels, weekly order backlogs, monthly financials, daily production requirements...) and have it printed or emailed on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • MRP engine - Standardize your Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) updates once a day, several times a day or every hour.
  • Workflow processing - Evaluate workflow routings in document control, corrective actions, engineering change orders, purchase orders and more, sending emails or texts to the appropriate team members.
  • Email and text notifications - Automatically send internal and external email and text notifications.
  • Data export - Automatically write the results of the query to a file.
  • File upload/download - Upload and download files from ftp, placing them in specified folders.
  • Process files - Poll local folders for files that require additional processing.



As a Daily Check System

  • Show current shipment/invoice/PO activity on a daily basis at the end of the day or first thing in the morning.
  • Daily assessment queries of machine status, shipments, invoices, purchase activities and more
  • Check for job or tool changes on work centers every morning
  • Send emails or text messages to the materials manager when items fall below the minimum on-hand level.

As a Tickler System

  • Check employee review dates - On a daily basis, the system can check your employee records and determine if an employee is scheduled for a review within the next X days.
  • Send an email or text message to the Sales Manager showing quotations about to expire.



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