RealTime Machine & Production Monitoring System from DELMIAWorks

Don’t let a lack of production data cause you to lose the pulse of your shop floor

Take Control of Your Shop Floor

Take control of your shop floor with  RealTime™ Production Machine Monitoring, a state-of-the-art manufacturing monitoring system that continually measures and tracks your production data in real time for proactive decision making. 

Bring plant management to a higher level and track all aspects of your production as parts are being made and applied to your shop orders, automatically updating your ERP system and manufacturing software modules with schedule details, finished product counts and more. The result of this embedded solution is improved machine management, efficiency, visibility and productivity.

Attach DELMIAWorks RealTime™ LightSticks to your production machines for immediate visible communication. LightSticks use color-coded lights to indicate machine and job status and are visible by anyone from anywhere on the shop floor.

Follow Jobs in Real-Time as They Move from the Schedule Through Production

If you want shop floor monitoring and shift reporting at its most accurate, RealTime™ from DELMIAWorks is the best tool:

  • The completely embedded solution eliminates costly, messy and cumbersome third-party interfaces.
  • Follow jobs in real-time as they move from the schedule through production.
  • View overall enterprise or specific work center performance from any computer on your network (even remotely) and check production as it occurs.
  • Drill down capability to view additional job details.
  • Instantaneous feedback on critical parameters such as total parts created, production time, downtime, rejects and parts remaining to be produced, and cavitation changes.
  • Machine utilization, scrap and downtime reporting help identify poor machine performance before it becomes a problem.


  • Color-coded for fast, easy readability. Instantly identify late, slow, standard and fast running machines, as well as down machines.
  • Powerful shift and OEE reports provide accurate and timely production information including good and bad parts, downtime, rejects and more.
  • Simplifies shift reporting and inventory reconciliation.
  • Simple to install, low maintenance and built for the shop floor environment. Expandable to track an unlimited number of machines!


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