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AAKRUTI Global 2024

A Worldwide Design Contest

About AAKRUTI Global 2024

AAKRUTI aims to transcend geographical boundaries by inviting aspiring student designers and innovators from around the globe to join in shaping tomorrow's solutions. Since its establishment in 2011, over 35,000 students from across India have participated.

AAKRUTI: Expanding Globally!

Celebrating the 14th edition of AAKRUTI this year, we are thrilled to announce the opening of AAKRUTI Global 2024 to more countries beyond India. Students from the listed countries (Egypt, Greece, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, The Philippines, and Turkey) are encouraged to register and attend. Partners play a pivotal role in organizing the contest in their respective countries.

The main objectives of AAKRUTI* are:

  • Provide students a platform to exhibit their creativity, innovative approach, and ingenious engineering skills
  • Build a bridge between “Academia” and the “Industry”
  • Increase awareness about Sustainability through Product Design

*In Sanskrit, "Aakruti" means the form, figure, or shape of anything.

Select ONE of the Themes below and Design a Product to participate

AAKRUTI Global 2024 Registration

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  • All Under Graduate Students in Engineering, Design, Architecture, Medicine, Management, and Social Sciences. Refer above for eligible countries
  • Team consists of four students and one teacher
  • Special prize available for an “All Girls” team


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  • SOLIDWORKS Desktop for Student with Connector
  • Cloud CAD Apps on any device with internet connection (Mac, Chromebook, Tablet, Mobile, and PC)
  • Technical Support by Dassault Systèmes experts through dedicated AAKRUTI Global 2024 Community
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  • Registration starts on: April 19, 2024
  • Registration deadline extended till: June 30, 2024
  • Finale in DS Campus Pune, India: November 15, 2024

    How to Win the Contest

    • Register your team and product idea
    • Stay updated with contest timelines and guidelines regularly shared within the community
    • Submit your initial design concepts (IDC) and start developing your product design
    • Submit your final product design to qualify for the evaluation round
    • Qualified teams will access their final product designs based on predetermined judging criteria
    • Shortlisted teams will participate in online rounds, presenting their designs to distinguished jury members from both industry and academia
    • Teams selected from the online rounds will advance to the final presentation held in various geographical locations, where they will present to the jury panel
    • The top teams will secure a spot in the AAKRUTI Global 2024 Finale
    • The final event will be hosted at Dassault Systèmes – Pune, India campus in November 2024
    • Teams will present their product designs to juries comprising experts from the industry, academia, technology, and social sectors
    • The award ceremony will be held on the same day as the finale event

    Glimpse of AAKRUTI 2023

    • Hear firsthand from students who participated in the contest and gain valuable insights from their experiences.
    • Explore the exciting opportunities that await students who choose to get involved.
    • Register today to participate and stand a chance to win!

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