2. SOLIDWORKS Desktop Solutions

SOLIDWORKS Desktop Solutions

SOLIDWORKS design, data management, analysis, manufacturing and collaboration solutions that are installed locally for companies who want to manage their data, software, and hardware within their firewalls.

Why SOLIDWORKS Desktop Solutions?

For every aspect of the product development process SOLIDWORKS® delivers powerful, easy to use tools to foster innovation and accelerate your time to market.  Offering solutions for design, validation, data management, collaboration and manufacturing SOLIDWORKS provides a scalable design suite for all industry segments.


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Whether you are a big enterprise, a small startup, or an educational institution, SOLIDWORKS has the solutions that can benefit your organization.

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See how SOLIDWORKS provides tools that improve your effectiveness on the job—no matter your skill set.

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See how SOLIDWORKS can help you develop products with the capacity to transform your industry—and do it more efficiently.

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SOLIDWORKS Desktop Solutions enable you and your team to quickly transform new ideas into great products.