3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS® Makers is an innovative suite of software tools designed specifically for makers, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts who are passionate about creating, designing, and bringing their ideas to life. Whether you're an experienced maker or just starting out on your creative journey, we provide you with the necessary tools and resources to unleash your imagination and turn your concepts into reality.

Mask made by Brad Thompson - SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE Works for Makers

Included in both subscriptions:

  • 3D Creator
  • 3D Sculptor
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Connected
  • NC Shop Floor Programmer
  • 3DSwym Communities
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace

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Over 27,000 makers are using 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers to create their dream projects. Our simple but powerful user interface makes our platform easy to use while giving you the same powerful features as our industry leading, professional products.

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers is optimized for hobbyists with a little CAD experience that want to grow their skill set and create amazing things.

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Sharing and learning from others is one of the best things about being a maker. Set up your 3DEXPERIENCE ID and connect with thousands of makers from across the world in our Made in 3D community. No matter what CAD program you use to make things, every single maker worldwide is welcome to join our community—all for free.

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What is the best way to get started with 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers? We have community support, tutorials, learning paths, and answers to all of your questions.

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