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Advancing Education with SOLIDWORKS & SIMULIA

Dassault Systèmes® is dedicated to Education, Research, and Simulation in SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA. This commitment offers leading products for academia, including Abaqus, fe-safe, Tosca, Isight, CST Studio Suite, Opera, Antenna Magus, and SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools. SOLIDWORKS features a bi-directional interface, advanced tools, and powerful capabilities.

  • Linear, non-linear and even explicit “crash” simulation, including complex contact situations and materials to analyze structural and thermal problems.
  • Low and high-frequency electromagnetic simulation to analyze antennas, sensors, chips and entire electronic devices.
  • Durability analysis and component optimization to design better and lighter parts.

SIMULIA Academics: Bridging Education, Industry and Research

SIMULIA Academics for SOLIDWORKS provides educators, students and non-profit academic researchers the products used in industry, innovative research and relevant job-skills preparation.

Academic Excellence with SIMULATION Education Program

Abaqus, a powerful simulation and analysis tool, is a catalyst for academic growth and innovation. For educators, Abaqus offers a comprehensive platform to impart practical knowledge and real-world problem-solving skills to students. Students, in turn, gain a valuable opportunity to enhance their understanding of engineering principles through hands-on simulation experiences. Additionally, researchers benefit from Abaqus' advanced capabilities, enabling them to explore and validate complex hypotheses, ultimately driving breakthroughs in various fields.

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Fostering Educators: SIMULIA Academic Learning

For undergraduate and vocational institution courses and senior design capstone projects, the SIMULIA. Education Portfolio is designed to serve educators and their students. Teaching Licenses are feature-rich for your course and computer labs with minor limitations, priced for a classroom or an entire campus. Advanced Concepts and Techniques include:

  • Comprehensive material modeling (foam, rubber, fracture, failure)
  • Nonlinear dynamics (crash tests, drop tests)
  • Advanced modeling and analysis techniques such as Smooth Particle Hydrodynamic (SPH), Coupled Eulerian Lagrange (CEL), and Distributive Element Method (DEM)
  • Multi-step analysis, including time-dependent simulations and an associative bidirectional SOLIDWORKS interface

Abaqus for Students: Free Learning Editions

Engineering simulations, key for students in diverse fields. Abaqus empowers them in FEA and simulations, setting a strong career foundation. Abaqus and CST, vital for future career skills.

The key features accessible to students at no cost include:


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Simulia Researcher looking at Screen

Non-Profit Academic Research License with Advanced Features

For your own academic research and your graduate students working on their PhD thesis, our research license offer provides commercial-level functionality for highly sophisticated development.

In addition to the Education offer, the Academic Research offer includes:

  • User Subroutines, writing your own code
  • Solver Performance parallelization with no core limits
  • Associative bidirectional interface with SOLIDWORKS - Unlimited model Size

To obtain SIMULIA Education Licenses, including both the Education and Non-Profit Research offers, please get in touch with our authorized resellers.

Additional Simulation Academic Offers on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Join SIMULIA & 3DEXPERIENCE Academic Communities

SIMULIA has many online communities. Any educator or academic researcher of Dassault Systemes software can be part of the 3DEXPERIENCE Academic Community to find resources and ask questions. You need to create a 3DEXPERIENCE ID and request to join.