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The invention of assembly line manufacturing skyrocketed mass production into reality and greatly reformed the manufacturing industry. Today, assembly manufacturing has evolved into many different styles, all capable of producing some of the world’s most valuable goods. But if assembly manufacturing and fabrication are so important, then why is it that most ERP vendors don’t offer tools and programs specific to your assembly processes?

Unlike many other ERP providers, DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) offers industry-specific features to assist with production planning, product lifecycle management and maintaining quality products throughout the process. With features such as dispatch lists, labor reporting, sub-assembly support and line clearance security, DELMIAWorks offers ERP software that fits your assembly and fabrication processes and improves your company enterprise-wide.

Assembly Manufacturing ERP Software to Enhance Operational Efficiency

Designed to solve assemblers’ unique manufacturing challenges, DELMIAWorks offers a host of powerful tools.

Assembly Configuration Flexibility
Whether your assembly and fabrication processes are work center based, assembly line based, application based or a combination of many types, DELMIAWorks’ assembly manufacturing ERP software has industry-specific options for both continuous and batch production.

BOM Management
Create unlimited processes and attach them to assembly specific BOMs for visibility across every step of production. IQMS’ assembly BOMs support multiple processes and multiple cycle times that create one unique part number or multiple part numbers, depending on your need.

Dispatch Lists
Employees can electronically log into their specific dispatch lists for the day to receive job details, operation schedule times and more.


Labor Reporting
DELMIAWorks’ assembly tools allow for labor focused manufacturing. Labor report per process or per shift, with detailed tracking at each stage or at the end. Reject/scrap components at each process for continual visibility.

Process Security
Choose to certify your separate processes or certify your employees for greater security. Assign manager rights for line clearance and final assembly approval.

Product Lifecycle Management
Track products from the design and quoting process through assembly and to the end of the life of the product.

Production Planning
With detailed fabrication and assembly routings, capacity planning and sub-assembly control are handled easily.


Manufacturing Software

A complete manufacturing software solution that will prevent unnecessary downtime, while increasing manufacturing efficiency, quality, and profit margins

Supply Chain

End-to-end visibility of your supply chain with DELMIAWorks manufacturing and ERP software

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Enterprise resource planning software to help manufacturing companies run more profitably and efficiently

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