Measure the environmental impacts of designs across the product life cycle—including the effects of materials, manufacturing, assembly, transportation, product use, and disposal.

What is Sustainable Design?

Sustainable design, like quality, time to market, and cost, will soon dictate how engineers approach most every product they develop. Choosing products based on their carbon footprint will be equally as important as design validation. To stay ahead of the curve, you and your company need to understand sustainable design and how to implement it now.

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What it means to you

  • Dramatically alter how we interact with our environment. 
  • Have built-in environmental intelligence to make more informed decisions about what materials to use.
  • See how region-specific material sourcing, manufacturing, use, and disposal will affect your product’s life cycle before manufacturing begins.

What it means to your company

  • Stay profitable as consumers increasingly choose sustainably designed products.
  • Save your company time and money by avoiding surprising sustainability assessments and costly redesigns.
  • Make decisions to ensure future environmental stability with the guidance of the life cycle assessment (LCA) process

Getting Started

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability simplifies sustainable design by seamlessly integrating product design with the power of life cycle assessment (LCA). Thus, providing an accurate, cradle-to-grave look at how different design approaches will alter a product’s overall environmental impact. 

So how do you get started? First, you need to be a SolidWorks user. Investigate more on SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to see how you can bring your products to life.

Customer Story



By acquiring SOLIDWORKS design, simulation, documentation, and sustainability solutions, CATAS has added a range of cutting-edge services to meet our clients’ future challenges. At CATAS, we are preparing for tomorrow, and SOLIDWORKS solutions are helping us be ready.

Dr. Andrea Giavon
Managing Director
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