ABCO Accelerated Time to Market by 25 Percent

By adding SOLIDWORKS PDM, ABCO shortened design cycles by 35 percent and cut development costs by 25 percent, and scrap/rework costs by 55 percent


Increase efficiency and support growth by leveraging and mining design data, maximizing design reuse and automating development through manufacturing processes.


Add the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional product data management system to its SOLIDWORKS CAD implementation and leverage PDM data for use in its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire development through production process.

  • Shortened design cycles by 35 percent
  • Accelerated time to market by 25 percent
  • Generated BOM information 50 to 60 percent faster
  • Cut development costs by 25 percent, scrap/ rework costs by 55 percent