Gamsee Quadruples Business with DELMIAWorks ERP

Injection molding company improves margins and profitability, automates production operations, and accelerates growth.


Leverage automation and enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology in its custom plastic injection-molding manufacturing operations to gain a competitive advantage and grow the company.


Replace reliance on Excel spreadsheets and white boards with the DELMIAWorks Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, including  the ERP, Finance, Scheduling, Estimating,  Quality Management, Inventory Management, Forecasting, Tooling Management, Preventive Maintenance (MRO-Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul), Real-Time Production Management, Warehouse Management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules.


  • Quadrupled business over past five years 
  • Improved margins and profitability
  • Automated many production operations
  • Maximized resource utilization

Steve Juzva and three business partners established Gamsee Industries in 1972 and expanded its business through dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Now Gamsee is renowned across Australia for its superior plastic products. The company specializes in plastic injection molding but also offers in-mold labeling (IML), product development, thin-wall packaging, rapid assembly and packaging, 3D printing, inspection and testing, stock management for customers, and warehousing.

Gamsee boasts a diverse range of plastic injection-molding machines with capacities from 25 to 850 tons, enabling the company to cater to an extensive range of plastic needs. Prioritizing sustainability and efficiency, the Gamsee facility is highly automated. Company leadership consistently invests in all-electric molding technology, which offers energy efficiency, precision, speed, and cleanliness, which is essential for thin-wall packaging work.

The accuracy of the information provided by DELMIAWorks allows you to have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening on the production floor at any given time. DELMIAWorks makes everything that we have to do in terms of injection-molding so much easier.

Kris Juzva
Kris Juzva
General Manager

Maximizing Resources

General Manager Kris Juzva notes that the company’s most significant growth happened over the last twenty years while utilizing the DELMIAWorks® ERP system. Before DELMIAWorks, Gamsee managed work with Excel® and a whiteboard. “We initially were interested in a scheduling solution to help us better manage the workload, but as soon as I saw how easy it is to access critical information about our operations with DELMIAWorks ERP, I knew that it was the right solution for helping us grow,” Juzva recalls. Before DELMIAWorks, the company had nine injection molding machines. Now, it has 40 machines.

One of the immediate benefits of automation and access to accurate production information via DELMIAWorks was a dramatic improvement in profitability. “Undoubtedly, DELMIAWorks has helped our profitability because, with the ability to forecast, track, and monitor injection-molding production, we minimize waste—both material and human resources—enabling us to maximize resource utilization,” Juzva stresses. “The accuracy of the information provided by DELMIAWorks allows you to have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening on the production floor at any given time.”

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Real-time Monitoring That Saves Money

With Real-Time Production Monitoring in DELMIAWorks, Gamsee management is immediately notified of red flags or any injection-molding jobs running outside their cycle-time specifications, which could negatively impact profitability. Management can also quickly see when jobs are running ahead or on time.

“Without DELMIAWorks, we wouldn’t know if a job was making or losing money,” emphasizes Juzva. “With DELMIAWorks, we’re alerted to problem jobs immediately, giving us the opportunity to make adjustments.”

Juzva concludes, “We’ve quadrupled our business over the past five years because the DELMIAWorks ERP system has helped us become 100 percent leaner in our operations. The automation and information that DELMIAWorks provides has improved our ability to handle even the most complex molds and automate production of family molds. We’re saving time and money, which helps us maintain and sustain our rapid growth trajectory.”

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