ULC Technologies Innovates Robots with SOLIDWORKS Solutions

ULC Technologies has innovated a modular, segmented, in-line robot for natural gas pipelines that is the first robot capable of traveling long distances within a pipeline, finding leaks as small as a pinhole, and repairing them from inside the pipe.


Develop innovative robotic solutions to perform critical tasks in difficult-to-reach areas and environments, such as inspecting and repairing pipelines from the inside, efficiently and cost-effectively to support the company’s robots-as-a-service business model.


Add SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis  to the company’s SOLIDWORKS design,  structural simulation, motion simulation, product data management (PDM), and  rendering software solutions.

  • Developed breakthrough robot for inspecting and repairing pipelines
  • Cut months of time from development cycle
  • Eliminated hundreds of hours in prototyping time and related costs
  • Created pipe farm in SOLIDWORKS for  simulated testing