Wandercraft’s mission, motto, and commitment is “Building an ordinary life for extraordinary people.” Team Wandercraft is achieving this mission by designing a robot to enable dynamic walking.


To enable those who no longer have motor function to walk, thanks to a technological innovation that pushes the boundaries of science: Wandercraft’s crutchless exoskeleton.


Implement SOLIDWORKS® 3D Solutions, including SOLIDWORKS Premium for density, surface, and panel work; SOLIDWORKS Electrical design for the electrical wiring of the motor; SOLIDWORKS Simulation to run tests and iterations; and SOLIDWORKS Composer for technical documentation, to design the entire Wandercraft exoskeleton.


It’s a race against time for those who can no longer walk and who are seeing their health seriously deteriorate. The processes must ensure both the speed and reliability of the designs, optimizing and securing the final result: an exoskeleton that offers paraplegic people in wheelchairs the chance to walk dynamically, both in rehabilitation centers and at home.