2. SOLIDWORKS 2023 Beta


Collaborate with R&D to help deliver the quality, performance, and user experience that you expect

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Answers to common questions about the SOLIDWORKS® Beta program.

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How to Participate

No sign up required! The Beta release is available to all subscription customers and channel partners.

About the SOLIDWORKS Beta Program

During the Beta program, you are under a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) and cannot share any information about the SOLIDWORKS® Beta products outside of the SOLIDWORKS Beta community.

The SOLIDWORKS Beta Program gives subscription customers and channel partners early access to the next major release of SOLIDWORKS. You can collaborate with the SOLIDWORKS R&D team to ensure that this release provides the quality, performance, and user experience that you expect.

Subscription customers have exclusive access to:

  • Test-drive new and enhanced features, and explore the latest release of SOLIDWORKS.
  • Connect with the global SOLIDWORKS Beta Community, and learn about R&D insights on key projects.
  • Share feedback with the SOLIDWORKS Beta and R&D teams. Do not hold back. We want to know about your software defects, criticisms, and pain points!

Your testing during the Beta program helps you prepare for a smooth upgrade and migration to the next production release for your specific environment, data, and workflows.

We appreciate the valuable time that you invest into testing the SOLIDWORKS Beta products.

SOLIDWORKS Beta Program Schedule

The SOLIDWORKS Beta program includes one Beta release and runs from mid-July to mid-August.

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Pre-Release 1 is now available to all subscription customers and channel partners. You can install Pre-Release 1 and continue to evaluate the SOLIDWORKS 2023 release. Download Pre-Release 1


During the Beta program you can either download and install the SOLIDWORKS Beta release on your machine or test the release online without installing.

Note: Product restrictions apply. For more information, see the Beta Online FAQ.

Connect with the SOLIDWORKS Beta Community for the latest news and information on the SOLIDWORKS Beta Program.

Beta Program FAQs

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