Do you recommend turning off anti-virus scanning when installing SOLIDWORKS?

Certain anti-virus (AV) applications do not allow system resources to be updated if they are in use. The other issue with having the AV on during installation is performance-related. With that said, most users cannot turn off their AV software due to corporate IT policy. If you are using one of the recommended AV programs, you should not experience issues installing SOLIDWORKS. See the System Requirements page for details.

Can I change my data directory after installation?

No, once installation is complete the only way to change the data directory is to uninstall, then reinstall the software.

How can I make the installation and update process easier and more automated?

The Administration Guide has some references and information about automating the installation using administrative images and silent installation.

Why is the original install location or DVD needed when upgrading?

During an upgrade, you may need additional file to verify the installed files, to repair those files that are corrupt, to replace files that have been accidentally deleted, and to reinstall system components that have been erroneously modified by other applications. The Installation Manager will optionally download these items for you.

Do you need to have write permission to the SOLIDWORKS folder and files to run SOLIDWORKS?

I have a version of SOLIDWORKS that is two releases old. Do I need to do an intermediate step to upgrade to the latest release?

Only service packs can be used to "update" and existing installation. You cannot perform an upgrade or update installation to go from one major release to another major release. You must always perform a complete installation, which requires either a CD or a complete Pre-Release download. (When a new version is released, subscription customers should receive a new CD automatically). When updating from one major release to another, you may notice an "update existing installation" option during the install. If you choose this option, your existing installation of SOLIDWORKS will be deleted and replaced with the latest major release.

Where can I find explanations for WI (Windows Installer) error codes?

What caused the error "Unable to connect to IM server to get timestamp" when downloading installation files?

Ensure that via HTTP is open on your firewall for port 80, which is used by the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager during the update process.

Do I need to have administrative privileges to install SOLIDWORKS or upgrade to the latest Service Pack?

Yes, because the SOLIDWORKS installation or upgrade needs to update system DLLs and drivers, which require administrative privileges. Note that you are only required to have administrative privileges on the machine on which you are installing or upgrading SOLIDWORKS.