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What is software piracy?

Software piracy is the illegal and unauthorized downloading, copying, modifying, use, or distribution of copyrighted software that violates the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA). Find out more about SOLIDWORKS License Agreement.

How many times can I activate my product?

There is a single activation allowed.  If you need to use your software on another computer, you must transfer your activation from the activation server.

What if I would like to move the software to a new computer or server?

To move your software to a new computer you, first need to transfer your software license. Transferring your software license will immediately deactivate the software on your original computer so that you can activate your software on a new computer.

How does product activation work?

The activation process uses minimal information about the product and system to create a request for a product license. The license request is composed of the product's serial number, name, version and language along with the operating system name, version and language. In addition, a Hardware ID and Activation ID are created.

The Hardware ID is a mathematically computed one-way hash based on your computer's hard drive geometry and CPU family, and cannot be used to identify the make or model of your computer or its components. The Hardware ID is only used as an identifier for the machine, and never sent to SOLIDWORKS.

The Activation ID is a 64-bit random number which is then down sampled to reduce the size of the activation request code. The Activation ID is only used to identify an individual activation request and contains no information about the product or hardware.

The license request is sent to SOLIDWORKS either through a secure (SSL) Internet connection or by email. If the request is valid, a valid license is returned that enables the product immediately. The activation process is completely anonymous and never requests, collects, or transmits personal information. It does not scan your hard drive, and none of the information collected can be used to identify your individual hardware components.

My hard drive died. If I didn’t deactivate (transfer) the software license, will I be able to reinstall the product and reactivate it?

The software will successfully reactivate in most cases. If your attempt to reactivate fails, please contact your Reseller Support for help.

When did SOLIDWORKS introduce product activation?

Product Activation for standalone products was introduced in 2007 and for SNL products 2010.

Does the activation technology store data to the hard drive, outside the normal file system?

The activation technology uses a robust and proven algorithm to safely write its license data to an unused sector of the hard drive located in track zero. This technology has been used in a variety of software installed on millions of computers worldwide, and verified to be safe by independent sources.

This approach allows license data to remain safe even if the product or operating system require reinstallation. In rare cases where the algorithm determines that writing to track zero may cause a potential conflict, it uses an alternative file system based anchor for the license data.

Can resellers disable a license from the activation server?

Yes, resellers can disable a customer’s license through the Activation Manager. 

Does the activation process ever send data to SOLIDWORKS after I activate my product?

No. Activation is a secure and anonymous one-time process. After activation is complete, the license manager runs alongside the product for the sole purpose of verifying the integrity of the license file and the validity of the product license. The activation technology in the product never contacts SOLIDWORKS except with your express knowledge and consent.

We use the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to transmit data to product activation servers that are both physically secure and have limited employee access.

Can SOLIDWORKS customers with standalone licenses of SOLIDWORKS be able to convert them to SNL licenses?

Yes, your reseller can discuss the agreements and fees required to convert standalone licenses to an SNL.

How does SOLIDWORKS keep this information secure?

We use the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to transmit data to product activation servers that are both physically secure and have limited employee access.

Can SOLIDWORKS Customers have standalone and SNL licenses?

Yes, customers can have a combination of standalone and SNL licenses

What if I don't have an Internet connection?

You have a 30-day grace period before activation is required. Activating over the Internet is a quick, one-time process. If your computer is temporarily offline, you can activate the next time it's online. Once the product is activated, the activation process no longer needs to connect to the Internet. If you are installing on a computer that will never be connected to the Internet, you can activate your license by emailing your request file directly to SOLIDWORKS.