What exactly is the free exam voucher offer for Subscription Service customers?

For every seat of SOLIDWORKS that a company has on Subscription Service, users at that company can receive one free core exam, one free advanced exam, and one specialty exam each half of the year (January to June and July to December).  Basically, every January 1 and July 1, the system resets and users will be able to claim a fresh set of exam vouchers.

Will my answers be lost if my computer crashes? Will I lose my testing credit/have to pay again if my computer crashes?

You will have to start the examination over.  If your computer crashes, your answers are not recoverable.  Email certification@solidworks.com for support.  Please explain the situation and our support team will make a decision on a course of action.

Can I buy an exam in bulk and then distribute it to my employees?

Yes. You are allowed to purchase exams in bulk on our webstore then transfer testing credits to users of your choice in the form of a 'voucher'. To create vouchers from your bulk purchase, log into your virtualtester account and follow the simple instructions: https://3dexperience.virtualtester.com/#home

What do I need to claim my free set of SOLIDWORKS Certification exam vouchers?

Each user wishing to claim their exam vouchers needs 2 things:

1) A SOLIDWORKS ID linked to a SOLIDWORKS serial number on Subscription Service and

2) A VirtualTester ID

When I took the exam, I entered ',' for every decimal place, not "." Is this okay?

The client test software uses the decimal point separator setting under Control Panel--> Regional & Language options-->Customize-->Decimal symbol. If you use a decimal point separator different from the above setting, it will not be accepted in the answer field. If you feel that you have still experienced a virtualtester client problem regarding this, send an email to support@tangix.com.

What is the policy on retaking the CSWA/CSWP or any other SOLIDWORKS Certification exam?

There is a 14-day waiting period before retaking any SOLIDWORKS Certification exam.  Also the user will be required to purchase another exam credit to retake the test. 

Can the exam be paused?

No. Once started, exams cannot be paused.

I took the exam and my Internet connection failed when the test ended. How do I report my results now?

The tester software will retry to connect for ~2 minutes. If the connection is still not available, an error message will be displayed and a TXT file will be saved on your desktop. The name of the file is: Tangix_TesterPro_Error_Date_Time. Please send this file to support@tangix.com

What do I receive when I pass the exam?

You will receive certificates for each exam that you pass. You receive an email that directs you to our electronic certificate access page. There you can login and download your electronic certificate(s) and electronic business card logo(s); CSWP’s also receive discounts to partner products and SOLIDWORKS World events. For more information refer to www.solidworks.com/cswp.

Can I discuss my results with someone at SOLIDWORKS or review the reasons if I failed?

You are encouraged to discuss your exam with an authorized training and support provide or fellow SOLIDWORKS users.  The SOLIDWORKS Certification cannot share the answers or solution methodology so as not to prejudice your next attempt. 

Due the complexity of an online testing environment, where every candidate receives a unique exam, we are unable to provide individuals with hands on analysis of improvement areas in their exam.  However, we can encourage you to visit our public website, where you will find a list of exam topics that you should be proficient in for each exam.