2. SOLIDWORKS Hardware Benchmarks

SOLIDWORKS Hardware Benchmarks

Applications and references that can be used to help determine hardware performance

Performance Tests and Benchmarks

SOLIDWORKS Performance Test

SOLIDWORKS Performance Test is a set of tests that compares your system against others. For more information, see about the SOLIDWORKS Performance Test. You can also Share Your Scores with other users.

SPECapc Benchmark for SOLIDWORKS

Comprehensive performance evaluation software developed by the world's leading hardware vendors in cooperation with Dassault Systemes to exercise a full range of real-world graphics and CPU functionality. 

PassMark Performance Test

Performance test is a third-party commercial hardware benchmark tool that tests your system and allows you to compare it to other systems.



Antivirus Products

The following guidelines will help ensure SOLIDWORKS installation success and optimal runtime performance with your antivirus program.

SOLIDWORKS recommends:

  • Use a trusted antivirus product. 
  • Keep your antivirus product updated to the latest version.
  • Stay updated with the latest antivirus definition/signature file (This defines the known current vulnerabilities and exemptions). 
  • Consider creating exemptions for SOLIDWORKS file types and folder locations to improve SOLIDWORKS file based runtime performance such as File Open/Save/Save As and PDM Vault Checkin/Checkout.
  • If you encounter install or runtime errors or warnings from your antivirus product, first check the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base for known issues or contact your SOLIDWORKS reseller.


SOLIDWORKS Visualize Benchmarks

To aid in your graphics card purchasing decisions, we’ve assembled the following table of render performance across commonly used NVIDIA GPUs with SOLIDWORKS Visualize. This table illustrates the expected performance results you can achieve on the tested GPUs. In these tests, the only hardware variable was the GPU – all other computer hardware remained constant. Use this table to compare render performance and invest in your ideal GPU configuration.

Render Performance Across Commonly Used NVIDIA GPUs

GPU HD 1000 Passes HD 100 Passes
w/ Denoiser
4K 100 Passes
w/ Denoiser
HD Turntable 10sec
w/Denoiser @50 passes
RTX6000 1:22 0:09 0:34 10:41
RTX5000 1:47 0:13 0:46 13:46
RTX4000 2:11 0:15 0:56 16:00
GV100 1:15 0:09 0:32 10:19
GP100 1:43 0:12 0:44 13:54
P6000 2:29 0:17 1:04 17:54
P5000 3:54 0:30 1:36 25:29
P4000 4:06 0:27 1:49 28:25
M6000 3:21 0:22 1:30 25:05
M5000 4:53 0:33 2:16 37:53
M4000 7:20 0:49 3:28 55:05
2x RTX6000 0:40 0:05 0:18 6:24
2x RTX5000 0:55 0:06 0:25 8:05
2x RTX4000 1:05 0:08 0:32 9:10
2x GV100 0:44 0:05 0:18 6:48
2x P6000 1:14 0:09 0:32 10:04
2x P5000 1:52 0:14 0:50 14:14
2x P4000 2:03 0:15 0:54 15:08


Bar graph showing Render 4K Image 100 passes w/Denoiser (Time in Seconds)

Bar graph showing Render 4K Image 100 passes w/Denoiser (Time in Seconds)