2. The SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal is retired.

The SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal is retired

Visit the SOLIDWORKS Support page as your new home for support and information. The SOLIDWORKS Support page now includes content that you used to find in the Customer Portal.

For your convenience, here are some popular resources that were on the Customer Portal:


Some changes affect access to resources and support tools.

SOLIDWORKS business and support systems migrated to Dassault Systèmes tools, and a few things changed:

The following questions address some of these changes. Remember that your SOLIDWORKS Partner (also known as your reseller or VAR) can answer most of your questions.

1. How do I log in to the new pages and tools?

You need a 3DEXPERIENCE ID to log into to the Dassault Systèmes tools or to access restricted content online. If you have used your SOLIDWORKS ID to log in recently to a SOLIDWORKS page, then your 3DEXPERIENCE ID is your SOLIDWORKS ID. You might have to reset your password the first time you log in depending when you last used your SOLIDWORKS ID. For more information, see 3DEXPERIENCE ID for SOLIDWORKS Customers.

If you have not used your SOLIDWORKS ID in a year or so, then the system might not be able to recognize you. In this case, create a 3DEXPERIENCE ID with the same email address as your SOLIDWORKS ID (assuming that it is still current and valid).

2. Do I need to register my serial number?

No, it is no longer necessary to register your serial number. You gain access to the subscription benefits purchased by your company after your local administrator:

The information existing in DSx.Client determines your access rights. Therefore, ensure that your 3DEXPERIENCE ID email address and your email address in DSx.Client are the same. Your 3DEXPERIENCE ID tells the system who you are while DSx.Client verifies your entitlement.

Check with our local administrator, or contact your SOLIDWORKS Partner who can also do this for you.

3. How do I view and manage my Service Requests (SR)?

To access and manage your Service Requests (SR), log in to the 3DSupport app. To log in to the 3DSupport app, you need a 3DEXPERIENCE ID and your local administrator must have given you a support role in DSx.Client Care and Order. Check with your administrator.

Only SRs created in the new support system (the 3DSupport app) are visible. For information about SRs closed before the migration, contact your SOLIDWORKS Partner.

4. Can I view my Software Performance Requests (SPR)?

Software Performance Reports (SPR) are visible in the Dassault Systèmes Knowledge Base. There is no ability to search for SPRs reported by a specific company or person, but you can enter the SPR number or a string of characters. Use filters to narrow down the search results. For example, select ‘SPR’ for ‘Knowledge Type,’ or ‘SOLIDWORKS’ for ‘Brand’. Your SOLIDWORKS Partner can also help you get the information that you need.

5. Where is the ‘SPR fixed’ list?

The link to view fixed SPRs is https://www.solidworks.com/support/subscription/fixed-spr/. We now create Bug Reports (BR) instead of Software Performance Reports (SPR). Therefore, we recommend searching the Knowledge Base where you can view both.

6. How can I search for or submit an Enhancement Request?

There is full transparency on the SOLIDWORKS user community’s wish list. Enhancement requests no longer generate Software Performance Report (SPR). Instead, submit your idea on the SOLIDWORKS Enhancement Ideas Community. To find more information about specific enhancement requests that you submitted as SPRs, search the Knowledge Base.

7. I am an Administrator. How do I manage my company’s contacts?

If you are an administrator, it is your responsibility to manage your contacts using a tool called DSx.Client Care and Order. This tool is where your Partner must set you up as an administrator of your company. In DSx.Client Care and Order, you have a transparent view of the people (Contacts) who are associated with your company (Site). You can create contacts for new users on your company’s site, give them the rights (Roles) necessary to benefit from subscription services, and revoke these rights. For more information, watch the Contact Management tutorial videos:

If you cannot log in to DSx.Client Care and Order, ask your Partner to grant you the role required to manage your users. The role name is Security Administrator.

8. Who is my SOLIDWORKS Partner (Reseller, VAR)?

If you do not know your SOLIDWORKS Partner, there is most likely someone at your company who can tell you who they are. If not, ask us. Log in to the 3DSupport app and create a Non-Technical Service Request, or contact the Dassault Systèmes helpdesk at https://www.3ds.com/support/contact/call-us/

9. I have not found what I need. What should I do?

If you accessed this page looking for a specific resource on the Customer Portal and you are unable to find it, we recommend that you contact your reseller. Otherwise, you can create a Non-Technical Service Request on the 3DSupport app, or call 1 (800) 693-9000 (outside of North America, call +1 781 810 5011).