2. 如何购买
  3. 购买维护服务,立享认证考试优惠


如果您的公司选购了 SOLIDWORKS 维护服务,您将有资格获得 SOLIDWORKS 认证考试券。

Want to Succeed? We Can Help.

You want a team that’s proficient, fast, and extremely comfortable using your design software. We can help. SOLIDWORKS® Certification exams are available to Subscription Services customers and validate user proficiency. Build your teams skills by selecting up to 3 certification exams every semester for every seat of 3DEXPERIENCE® Works, SOLIDWORKS or DraftSight on Subscription. With our automatic voucher redemption system you can request free exam vouchers on your own 24/7.

You qualify for this program if your company owns a license of CAD (3DEXPERIENCE Works, SOLIDWORKS, or DraftSight) on subscription service.
Please note that the following licenses do not qualify for this program:

  • SOLIDWORKS for Makers
  • SOLIDWORKS Machinist
  • Education and Student licenses

To access your subscription service vouchers, you will first need to meet the PREREQUISITES below, and then follow the INSTRUCTIONS.



Before you proceed with the instructions in the next paragraph, make sure you:

  1. Have a 3DEXPERIENCE Certification Account (please create one here if you don’t).
  2. Have a 3DEXPERIENCE ID (please create one following these instructions if you don’t).
  3. Check with your local administrator or SOLIDWORKS Partner to make sure that you have been added as a contact to your organization. Your administrator must use the same email address as what you use for your 3DEXPERIENCE ID when they add you as a contact.


Instructions To Redeem Your Free Vouchers:

  1. Once you have the prerequisites taken care of, login to your Certification Center account.
    Screenshot of login area of 3DEXPERIENCE Certification Center
  2. In the Certification Center, click on "Your Credits" tab > "Subscription Offer" tab > "Lookup My Licenses".
    Screenshot of Your Credits area of the 3DEXPERIENCE Certification Center
  3. Authenticate with your 3DEXPERIENCE ID when prompted. You will be redirected back to the Certification Center.
  4. Please note that your 3DEXPERIENCE Certification Account and your 3DEXPERIENCE ID do not have to use the same email address as they are two different systems.
  5. Click "OK" on the confirmation message and select the certification exams you would like to redeem and then click "Create Exam Vouchers".


详细了解 SOLIDWORKS 维护服务。

我们期待与您合作,让您随时掌握所属领域的最新趋势,并且提供所有必要的支持服务,确保您获得最大 SOLIDWORKS 投资回报所需的一切资源。