2. SOLIDWORKS Cloud-Lösungen

SOLIDWORKS Cloud-Lösungen

Eine umfassende Design-to-Manufacturing-Cloud-Lösung, die Produktentwicklung durch problemlose Zusammenarbeit und transparentes Datenmanagement bietet.

Für Organisationen, die die Vorteile der von Natur aus skalierbaren und kollaborationsfähigen Cloud nutzen möchten, bieten die 3DEXPERIENCE Lösungen von SOLIDWORKS® essenzielle Funktionen in den Bereichen digitales Design, Modellierung, CAM, Simulation und Analyse.

Connect Stakeholders and Data for Collaboration

Collaboration is the cornerstone of business. Business Innovation, the foundation of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, digitally connects all stakeholders across the product development process. It enables users to create dashboards and communities that empower teams to share, experiment, and innovate with a higher degree of confidence. Further, Business Innovation securely aggregates data from across the enterprise enabling stakeholders to gather valuable feedback and improve productivity. Business Innovation connects your people and your data in one place to make intelligent, collaboration-based decisions.

Explore Business Innovation for your organization.

Intuitive Subdivision Modeling in the Cloud

Intuitive Subdivision Modeling in the Cloud

3D Sculptor is a browser-based 3D subdivision modeling solution that enables industrial designers, engineers and artists to create stylized ergonomically or organically shaped models faster and easier than traditional parametric tools. Built on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, 3D Sculptor complements and seamlessly connects with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

Explore Subdivision Modeling with 3D Sculptor.

Advanced Simulation Capabilities in the Cloud

Advanced Simulation Capabilities in the Cloud

Structural Professional Engineer brings advanced simulation powered by the Abaqus Finite Element Analysis solver to SOLIDWORKS users. Built on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the solution extends SOLIDWORKS Simulation through tight integration. It enables you to conduct structural static, frequency, buckling, modal dynamic response, and structural-thermal analysis of parts and assemblies.

Explore advanced simulation capabilities with Structural Simulation Solutions.

White Paper: Digital Transformation Built on the Cloud

Ready to learn how you can transform your business in the cloud? The IDC Whitepaper, "Digital Transformation Built on the Cloud," covers the growing importance and impact of cloud-based services and platforms for digital transformation.

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