2. Evolve Your Design Workflows with AI
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Redefine “Aid” in Computer Aided Design with the Design Assistant

The growing power of AI is a hot topic, with many humans wondering if machines will replace us in creative fields. At SOLIDWORKS®, we believe AI-powered design tools are meant to enhance the way we work, not take over the work for us. We achieve this with the Design Assistant, found in the next-generation design solutions in SOLIDWORKS Cloud. 

Meet the Design Assistant

With the power of AI and machine learning, the Design Assistant learns from you and makes suggestions based on your design, automating and removing tedious and repetitive tasks. Every time you use the parametric, sheet metal, and structure design tools in SOLIDWORKS Cloud, the AI learns from you and is able to make better recommendations based on the way you like to design, continually evolving and learning from your particular choices.

Mate Helper

Mate Helper

Automatically inserts multiple instances of components into your assembly by recognizing and suggesting locations for replication.

Smart Mate

Create fully constrained mates by dragging and holding a component in the position where you want it to mate with the surrounding components.

Selection Helper

Predicts and suggests which of your model’s entities you should select next.

The Wild Imagination of Artificial Intelligence

Explore how AI and machine learning can help you imagine, improve your design workflows, and embrace its future potential and growing relevance to the CAD world today.

SOLIDWORKS Enhancements through the Years

Since we started in 1995, SOLIDWORKS has been committed to continuously enhancing our software so our users can focus on what they do best: design. Take a look at this timeline of the history of SOLIDWORKS and over 25 years of user-requested, technology-backed enhancements. We’ve been trying to save you time since the 90s, and with the power of artificial intelligence and the Design Assistant, we will continue.

SOLIDWORKS Enhancements through the Years
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Level Up with the Design Assistant

Take the next step in your evolution as a designer by automating repetitive tasks with the Design Assistant and the browser-based tools in SOLIDWORKS Cloud.