2. Shred-Tech

Shred-Tech Rips Through Competition with Innovative Products and SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Electrical Cabinet design for any size product is made easy with collaboration tools between SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS CAD.

You may not be aware, but the shredding industry is rapidly growing, as every industry needs the ability to break down all types of materials from large wooden crates, to hard drives. If you need something shredded, Shred-Tech can help. The company can deliver you a small shredder for your office, or send a large shredding truck for mobile removal. Shredders are also helping with new environmental regulations; as recycled materials have precise specifications for breaking down materials. Shred-Tech can also break down the materials into the exact size you need, including technology for removing nails from wooden crate break-down.

With so many products, sizes and types of shredders, Shred Tech needs to customize their products based upon each specific use, and that requires custom electrical configurations. That's why Shred Tech uses SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics and SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D for updating control panels, wiring and all aspects of electrical design while the company’s engineers use SOLIDWORKS for designing the shredders themselves. They appreciate that SOLIDWORKS Electrical integrates easily with SOLIDWORKS and is very easy to use.