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Workforce Management System For The Manufacturing Workplace

Maximize the investment in your manufacturing workforce

Human resources are a critical, yet often-overlooked link in the manufacturing supply chain. To maximize return on personnel investment, whether it's in recruitment, training or compensation, manufacturers must be able to effectively track employee performance and development.

DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) ERP Software Solution's Workforce Management system from DELMIAWorks is a powerful module that empowers management to effectively recruit, train, monitor and track employee performance as well as log work related illnesses and injuries for OSHA. Whether on its own or part of the complete DELMIAWorks ERP Human Resources Suite-which also includes Payroll and Time & Attendance- Workforce enhances your ability to successfully handle your most important asset - your employees.

Benefit Management

  • Easily track employee benefits such as vacation, paid holidays and sick days with the Benefit Management function.
  • Allocate benefits as a total amount ready to be taken or an amount based on an accrual basis.
  • Links to Payroll and Time & Attendance ensure accurate benefit reporting and calculation
  • Maintain employee participation in optional benefit programs such as 401K and insurance plans

    Illness and Injury Tracking and Reporting

    Illness and Injury Prevention Program (IIPP) functionality provides the tools, forms, and reports required to track all work related injuries and illnesses as well as participation in the safety and health of your employees.

    • Detailed incident report and tracking logs to meet OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements
    • Track lost days, injury locations, injury type classifications and costs
    • Associate internal and/or external documents to a specific injury/illness record.
    • Built in injury statistics automatically calculates and stores incident rates per plant or company-wide.

    Training and Skill Tracking

    The Training and Skill tracking features of DELMIAWorks Workforce provide the tools necessary to manage and verify staff development. Documentation of employee training is an important aspect of ISO certification. It provides quick and easy answers to questions such as: What are the requirements for a job? Who is qualified for that job? Who has the latest revision for any training? Which employee records require an update?

    • Define and track skills assigned to job descriptions.
    • Manage job descriptions and corresponding training requirements assigned to each employee.
    • Define training requirements for each skill.
    • Automatic notification of expiring certifications.
    • Track and manage specific training course requirements (descriptions, level…)
    • Monitor employee training history with current job/skill requirements.
    • Review and Termination tracking

    Recruiting/Applicant Tracking

    The Applicant Tracking features of DELMIAWorks Workforce streamlines and standardizes the requisition and application process by managing open positions, tracking applicants and their history and skills.

    • Quickly and easily track status of an applicant through the hiring process.
    • Store and maintain unlimited number of external documents associated with each applicant (resumes, credentials, documentation of industry certification, recommendation letters).
    • Store job interview notes and forms.
    • Perform skills queries to determine available candidates.
    • Track referral sources.
    • Associate a single applicant with multiple job requisitions.
    • Convert applicant information to employee upon hiring to eliminate redundant data entry.

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