Time and Attendance from DELMIAWorks

A Complete Labor Tracking & Job Costing System For Manufacturing Companies

Timely and Consistent Labor Tracking & Reporting

Timely and consistent labor reporting is critical to ensure accurate payroll processing and job costing. DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) Manufacturing ERP Software's Time & Attendance solution's unique ability to integrate with both the Payrollfinancial, and manufacturing software modules provides a complete time and labor tracking system as well as a detailed job costing mechanism.

Streamline and Automate Manufacturing Labor Cost Tracking

Labor is a significant expenditure for most organizations. Knowing where and how your labor is allocated helps to identify labor intensive processes as well as those that are more efficient. The Time & Attendance module allows you to streamline hour/labor tracking, automate employee scheduling and improve job costing, all contributing toward a more efficient and profitable organization.

DELMIAWorks Manufacturing Time and Attendance Functionality

  • Allocate or apply time to a work order for a manufactured item, production process, tooling project or preventative maintenance routine.
  • Real-time access to actual job and task labor usage immediately identifies labor-intensive processes. Collect and post-labor costs directly to the General Ledger for all elements of a job including tooling and preventative maintenance tasks.
  • Ensures data integrity in associating labor costs with a specific task as work order information is automatically reported directly into the labor tracking system.
  • Detailed reports allow managers to monitor and analyze labor productivity and job costing.
  • With the click of a mouse, transfer completed and accumulated hours directly to the Payroll Module and automatically calculate bonuses, overtime, shift differentials and more.

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