Manufacturing Shop Floor Control

Intuitive Production Interface for Hassle-Free, Error-Free Shop Floor Visibility and Control

Shop Floor Applications that Empower Plant Floor Workers

DELMIAWorks Shop Floor Control dashboards provide a robust and scalable interface to bring plant floor performance and control to operators on the plant floor. The intuitive applications help manufacturers with versatile production environments to simplify operators’ activities and get both direct and temporary labor forces onboarded and up and running quickly. The results are:

  • Empowered and connected plant floor personnel
  • Faster plant floor training
  • Optimal work center efficiency
  • Improved reaction time
  • Greater flexibility of plant floor personnel assignments
  • Increased productivity with fewer personnel and lower costs
  • Paperless production environment supports digital factory initiatives
  • Manual redundancies and errors are eliminated

Configurable and Customizable Shop Floor Dashboards

Empower your plant floor personnel to take proactive control of activities on the plant floor. Access to manufacturing performance, efficiency, and quality details are available with the touch of a finger on easy-to-read full-screen devices, from a standard PC monitor, touchscreen monitor, tablet, or other smart devices.
Flexible and easy-to-use customizable apps allow shop floor workers to:  

  • Quickly access engineering drawings, work instructions, production data, and inventory availability
  • Automate and improve the accuracy of production and quality reporting
  • Improve collaboration and break down silos between other departments, teams, and facilities 
  • Quickly respond to customer inquiries, management requests, and production planning adjustments
  • Cross-train and expand skills and knowledge in various production operations

Greater Shop Floor Visibility & Control

DELMIAWorks manufacturing ERP software provides unprecedented, real-time visibility on the plant floor from a machine, work center, or assembly line.

Because MES and manufacturing operations are core components of the total DELMIAWorks manufacturing ERP solution, shop floor control and ERP integration are simply a matter of plug and play.

  • Real-Time Production Monitoring - Monitor production performance statistics and efficiency in real-time. Identify production inefficiencies before they become a problem
  • Production and Downtime Reporting - Enter and track downtime for the currently running job or select a job from a pick list of all production dates and shifts, work centers, and corresponding manufacturing configurations.
  • Task Clock - Track labor and corresponding labor costs by work order, or the job running on the machine.
  • Rejects - Easily enter rejects from a user defined pick-list for a single work center, inventory item, date and/or shift.
  • Internal and External Documentation - Access all the documents, drawings, images or spreadsheets associated with the job running on the machine; special instructions, CAD drawings, problem log, etc.
  • Quality and Quick Inspection - Enter SPC data and view quality production charts and history.
  • Production Scheduling - Preset workflow controls empower supervisors to control the starting of new jobs and maintain schedule adherence with complete exception controls and tracking.
  • Label Printing - Quickly and easily access and print labels right at the work center.
  • Work Order Detail - Print work orders, access machine/production item history, enter FG lot # and more.

DELMIAWorks Shop Floor Control Solutions

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