Manufacturing Shop Floor Control Software from DELMIAworks

Shop Floor Control from DELMIAWorks

Hassle-free, error-free shop floor and ERP Integration

Take Proactive Control of Shop Floor Activities

DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) Shop Floor Control brings a visual front-end to manufacturing plant floor performance and control. Because MES and manufacturing software are core components of the total DELMIAWorks manufacturing ERP solution, shop floor control and ERP integration is simply a a matter of plug and play.

  • Standard PC Monitors
  • Touchscreen Monitors
  • Tablets and Smartphone Devices

Empower your plant floor personnel to take proactive control of activities across the shop floor or down to an individual manufacturing work center.

Shop Floor Modules that Empower Plant Floor Workers

Manufacturing performance, efficiency, quality details and more are presented on easy-to-read, full-screen devices, activated with the touch of a finger. With DELMIAWorks shop floor modules, plant floor employees stay informed and pro-active with real time access to activities as they happen: 

  • Real-Time Production Monitoring - Monitor production performance statistics and efficiency in real time. Identify production inefficiencies before they become a problem.
  • Quality and Quick Inspection - Enter SPC data and view quality production charts and history.
  • Inventory and WMS Adjustments - Move inventory to and from inventory locations.
  • Production and Downtime Reporting - Enter and track downtime for the currently running job or select a job from a pick list of all production dates and shifts, work centers and corresponding manufacturing configurations.
  • Internal and External Documentation - Access all the documents, drawings, images or spreadsheets associated with the job running on the machine; special instructions, CAD drawings, problem log, etc.
  • Label Printing - Quickly and easily access and print labels right at the work center.
  • Work Order Detail - Print work orders, access machine/production item history, enter FG lot # and more.
  • Rejects - Easily enter rejects from a user defined pick-list for a single work center, inventory item, date and/or shift.
  • Task Clock - Track labor and corresponding labor costs by work order, or the job running on the machine.

DELMIAWorks Shop Floor Control Solutions

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