2. What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2024
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From the beginning, SOLIDWORKS® has been at the forefront of making design accessible to every designer and engineer. Our job is putting you in a position to create, collaborate, and deliver innovative product experiences with powerful, yet easy-to-use product development solutions. SOLIDWORKS 2024 continues this expectation, while opening new possibilities to enhance the way you design, communicate, and manage your 3D designs with SOLIDWORKS. Work Smarter. Work Faster. Work Together with SOLIDWORKS 2024.


Do Not Settle for Anything Less than Amazing

A focus on amazing has propelled Bowhead from a business into an adaptive mobility movement. To fuel this movement, Founder and CTO Christian Bagg uses every tool at his disposal and SOLIDWORKS has been Bowhead’s go-to solution from day one. As the company has grown, SOLIDWORKS has scaled with them – playing a role in every aspect of Bowhead, from design and production to customer service and operations. Learn how the combination of powerful SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD connected to the cloud-based data management and collaboration technologies on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps Bowhead achieve amazing.

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Explore Top SOLIDWORKS 2024 Design Enhancements

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eBook: SOLIDWORKS 2024 Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS 2024 streamlines and accelerates your product development process from concept to manufacturing. Explore the latest user-driven enhancements and learn how new capabilities with Cloud Services enable hassle-free design through cloud-based 3D sharing, markup, data storage, design review, and collaboration capabilities.

Bowhead adaptive e-bike in desert - SOLIDWORKS What's New 2024

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Working with Complex Geometry and Organic Shapes

Incorporating complex geometry and organic shapes into your designs can be a painful and challenging ordeal. Difficulties, such as recreating models, fixing broken geometry, working against out-of-date files, and delayed feedback, are just some of the common hurdles. However, SOLIDWORKS design tools have an answer. Learn how you can create complex geometry and organic shapes with sub-D modeling.

3D model of with organic shapes - SOLIDWORKS 2024

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Explore Cloud Services for SOLIDWORKS

eBook: Three Ways to Renew Your Focus on Design

Whether you need to simply share 3D designs, securely store models, or require greater control of your data Cloud Services removes the everyday friction associated with file management and design sharing. Learn how SOLIDWORKS and Cloud Services enable hassle-free design, allowing you to spend more time innovating.

Design tools on desk - SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services

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Explore SOLIDWORKS Product Development Solutions

What’s the Cost of Disconnected Tools to Your Business?

Top companies are finding greater success moving away from a disconnected, best-of-breed software approach and adopting an integrated platform digital transformation strategy. This Tech Clarity research report, based on a survey of 187 industry professionals, reveals best practices for overcoming the cost of disconnected tools by integrating your teams on a single platform.

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