Cool Robots That Inspire Future Engineers

BattleBots fan favorite Team Witch Doctor wins robot battles and encourages interest in engineering for others.


Develop battling robots quickly and cost-effectively to grow and maintain the competitiveness and popularity of Team Witch Doctor as part of the BattleBots television series, while simultaneously making more rugged, cool-looking, and winning robot designs.


Secure a sponsorship from Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS in the form of CAD, simulation, and visualization software licenses so the team can leverage a range of productivity-enhancing solutions, including topology optimization tools.

  • Iterates more than 20 versions of each season’s robot
  • Manages strength, stiffness, and weight more effectively with topology studies
  • Brings color, personality, and pizazz to robot and team uniforms
  • Inspires young fans to become engineers and robot builders