Inspiring Young Engineers with BattleBots and SOLIDWORKS

The captains of top BattleBots fighting robot teams—BiteForce, HyperShock, Witch Doctor, and SawBlaze—have two things in common: They each got started in robotics design and engineering, and building competitive combat robots, at an early age; and they all choose to use SOLIDWORKS solutions for designing, engineering, and manufacturing each season’s robots.


Quickly develop fighting robots—typically in just one month—to compete on the reboot of the popular “BattleBots” competition and television show.


Use SOLIDWORKS design, simulation, visualization, product data management (PDM), and PCB design solutions.

  • Used SOLIDWORKS solutions within all top teams
  • Mentored young robotics designers more easily with easy-to-learn SOLIDWORKS
  • Tapped variety of SOLIDWORKS specialized design and engineering tools
  • Added personality and color to robot designs using SOLIDWORKS 3D design