DELMIAWorks Enables Thogus Products to Streamline Processes and Reduce Costs

Thogus leverages DELMIAWorks ERP system to boost productivity, support growth, and standardize processes while improving access to critical business and operational information


Leverage an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to improve access to and availability of critical business and production operational data, boost productivity, reduce data storage costs, and support growth in the face of a changing business environment.


Implement the DELMIAWorks ERP system, including the following modules: ERP, Quality Management, Document Control, Forecasting, Tooling Management, Preventive Maintenance (MRO–Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul), RealTime Production Monitoring, and Warehouse Management.

  • Reduced data storage costs by 50 percent
  • Improved inventory accuracy and visibility
  • Streamlined, standardized, and simplified processes
  • Made financial reporting more accurate