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SOLIDWORKS Champions Program

The SOLIDWORKS Champions Program aims to acknowledge & connect community members from around the world who go above & beyond in sharing their SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS passion & expertise.

What it Means to Be a Champion

The SOLIDWORKS Champions Program welcomes users who have:

  • Earned a SOLIDWORKS and/or 3DEXPERIENCE certification through our Certification Program
  • Attended 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD and/or a SOLIDWORKS Launch event –either online or in-person - over the last 12 months
  • Demonstrated active participation within online communities (forums, social media), SOLIDWORKS User Groups, or local initiatives (such as STEM programs)
  • Shown a love for SOLIDWORKS products and want to convey it more largely
  • Adopted our community-driven approach to software development (ex: participating in Alpha/BETA programs, submitting enhancement requests, etc.)

Additionally, we welcome users who actively use SOLIDWORKS and/or 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS products in production who also own a YouTube or Instagram account showing off their creative projects!

SOLIDWORKS Champions Program Benefits


Champions have access to several exclusive perks. Examples include: a ‘welcome kit’ w/ special swag, access to other user champions & members of the SOLIDWORKS team via private communities, highlighted participation in online outlets, and first-pass invitations to special programs & initiatives (ex: new product trials, speaking/event attendance opportunities, and more on a case-by-case basis).  

Learn More About Some of Our Champions

SOLIDWORKS Champions Program

Apply today to get connected with fellow SOLIDWORKS Champions from around the world who share your level of passion & expertise for all things SOLIDWORKS!