Exovolar Innovates a Human-flight, Jet-powered Exoskeleton using 3DEXPERIENCE Works

Exovolar leveraged SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs and 3DEXPERIENCE Works solutions to develop its jet-powered exoskeleton, which, unlike previous jet pack designs, utilizes the legs for flight and navigation, leaving the hands free to complete tasks while the user is in a hovering position


Develop a safe, jet-powered exoskeleton that enables humans to fly and hover with hands free in order to complete tasks while hovering.


Utilize SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs and 3DEXPERIENCE Works solutions, including SOLIDWORKS Premium design, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Topology Studies, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, Collaborative Business Innovator, Collaborative Industry Innovator, 3D Creator, and Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS.

  • Optimized jet nozzles with flow simulation
  • Reduced part weight via topology optimization
  • Secured patent for thrust vector nozzle
  • Realized automated, transparent data management