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Supply Chain Management Software from DELMIAWorks

End-To-End Visibility of Your Supply Chain with DELMIAWorks Manufacturing and ERP Software


Keep Your Supply Chain Lean, Agile and Efficient

Manufacturing companies around the globe rely on DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) to optimize their supply chains. DELMIAWorks is a comprehensive Manufacturing ERP and Supply Chain Management Software solution that gives you everything you need to monitor production, increase manufacturing throughput, reduce inventory and streamline the order to cash process. With real-time information, your supply chain can make better informed business decisions more efficiently.

DELMIAWorks provides a cohesive view of your supply chain to help you:

  • Deliver in full and on time
  • Increase forecast accuracy
  • Improve supplier quality and reliability
  • Identify material shortages
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Quickly recognize problems in the production process 

Real-Time Supply Chain Insights

The comprehensive architecture of DELMIAWorks provides real-time supply chain information. No batch interfaces.

Powerful and flexible, DELMIAWorks Planning and Scheduling is updated in real-time from events occurring throughout the supply chain. It incorporates all requirements and objectives defined in the plan together with transactions entered externally through the Internet and internally through any of the many pertinent DELMIWorks modules. This information is analyzed to determine the optimal schedule that meets customer demands as well as business objectives.

The DELMIAWorks single database methodology takes sales order management beyond a simple order entry system with access to returns, warranty information, shipping and billing history, account receivable validation, inventory, scheduling and shipping information.

An accurate inventory may be the single most important factor in maximizing enterprise and supply chain management and efficiency. DELMIAWorks Inventory Management is built on facilitating lean management principles with functions such as separate inventory master records for each individual facility or "EPlant," both eKanban and conventional Kanban control support, lot number tracking, complete traceability and serialized inventory control.

The DELMIAWorks EDI Translator supports true supply chain functionality with the exchange of two-way EDI messages for customers, suppliers and freight carriers. The DELMIAWorks EDI module translates incoming files directly into DELMIAWorks and outbound transactions are automatically generated in trading partner formats across a multitude of industries.

DELMIAWorks Business Intelligence leverages the data within DELMIAWorks to bring supply chain management reporting and analysis to your fingertips. Executive level reports allow you to measure the effectiveness of your supply chain in easy to read, at-a-glance reports and graphs to track supplier performance, status tracking, purchase history and pricing.

B2B and B2C functionality enables suppliers and customers to access critical information 24/7.

DELMIAWorks supports the ability to manage inventory, stored or manufactured, throughout the supply chain with outsourced relationships or Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). The MRP engine automatically differentiates between VMI, outsourced items and on-site inventory to correctly generate manufacturing quantities.

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