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Complete WMS and ERP Integration to minimize handling costs & optimize warehouse efficiency

Warehouse Management System Benefits

Inventory handling is expensive. Minimize handling costs, maximize warehouse efficiency and gain customers for life. An extension of DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) ERP Software, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) from DELMIAWorks:

  • Increases order fulfillment speed and accuracy
  • Eliminates shipping and receiving handling errors
  • Decreases costs associated with under-utilized inventory resources
  • Improves inventory visibility and traceability
  • Optimizes movement of both raw materials, WIP and finished goods
  • Reduces “dead-head” time in the warehouse

The Full Range of Warehouse Management Solutions

Whether your customers are demanding advanced product storage and delivery solutions, or your facility is looking for better ways to optimize inventory and warehouse activities, DELMIAWorks provides the right cost effective WMS software for your business. From basic product picking and inventory movement tracking to advanced Tier One features such as rules based pick and putaway, work order staging, wave planning, palletizing, and more.

DELMIAWorks’ Warehouse Management Software System brings a load of features:

  • Products staged and stored according to movement velocity
  • Slotting storage locations based on actual usage history so fast moving products are more easily accessible
  • “Milk run” planning
  • Shelf life management - tracks expirations and automatically identifies non-conforming inventory
  • Industry standard barcodes including 2D symbology
  • Mobile solution – use your hand held scanners, tablets and smart phones to execute transactions and track activity
  • Dynamic real-time scheduling of picking, putaways, order staging, dock and container management and more
  • Complete ERP system integration,  embedded EDI, accounting, sales orders, MRP and shipping management - no messy non-real-time interfaces
  • Multiple picking techniques supported – configurable interleaving, WAVE picking and planning, rules based directed picking including FIFO, FEFO, LIFO
  • Package and inventory type and configuration putaway rules – kitting, purchased, manufactured, eaches, cases, pallets, etc.

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