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Manufacturing traceability: track & trace

A complete manufacturing Track and Trace system to maintain visibility and item tracking as products move throughout the supply chain

Manufacturing traceability has become a critical requirement for today’s industrial businesses to reduce risks and stay competitive.  A proven track and trace framework is essential not only in highly regulated industries such as medical, food and beverage, aerospace, defense and automotive, it has also become a vital tool for all manufacturers, across all industries to gain greater control over product and process quality and respond to customer demands. 

What is Manufacturing Traceability

Manufacturing traceability means that you know which supplier lots and or serial numbers were used in which finished products, and who received those finished products. With a lot and serial traceability system, you have a way to track and trace goods from the supplier that sent the raw material through delivery to the customer, and all the production processes and stages in between.

DELMIAWorks Real-time Manufacturing Traceability Insights

The DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) Track and Trace module provides manufacturing traceability with the data, insights, and intelligence you need to:

  • Provide accurate and timely reporting and documentation to meet industry regulations and quality audits and Recall & Analysis
  • Gain greater visibility into the product lifecycle to discover how a defective part was first introduced into production
  • Improved production scheduling with visibility into products, parts, components and sub-assembly’s availability and inventory levels
  • Monitor machine and work center quality and efficiency to predict patterns and anticipate when defective parts are in a supplier delivery
  • Reduce waste and costs associated with spoilage
  • Increase customer service levels with timely and accurate order status information
  • Track and troubleshooting supplier performance and quality problems


DELMIAWorks Manufacturing Trace and Trace Functionality

The DELMIAWorks web-enabled suite of Track and Trace tools provides the visibility you need to quickly find, track and report critical information related to a product’s location, production status, and supplier source.

  • Regulatory and Compliance Reporting.  Provides manufacturers with the flexibility of selecting between custom and standard reporting options including Recall and Analysis and product/device history for each unit produced for highly regulated industries including, automotive, medical, food and beverage, aerospace.
  • Detailed Search and filtering.  Track and Trace provides numerous ways to search for product data including sales order, PO#, Serial #, lot #, packing slip, work order, label number including shipment serial number, and PO Receipt to the lot level.
  • Real-Time Production and Quality Monitoring. Reduce risk and ensure quality compliance with real-time access to production and process quality data from the plant floor.
  • End-to-End ERP and MES Integration. Provides manufacturers with end-to-end visibility starting from their suppliers, through production to customer delivery.
  • Time Sensitive Materials and Expiration Monitoring. Quickly and easily view raw material expiration dates when handling perishable materials and plan production ahead of those dates.
  • Security. Item-based security is designed into the application so you can selectively choose which data elements to share.
  • Data Collaboration. Track and Trace is also designed to share key data with customers easily by enabling them to instantly print detailed tracking reports to meet FDA and quality audits.
  • Extensive Drill Down. Product Groupings and quick drill-down capability to the item, component, raw material, and supplier data.

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