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How to choose the right ERP software solution for your small business or start up

Whether you are a small business or a start-up manufacturing company, you are probably using a system of basic accounting software and/or multiple spreadsheets to track your production. Unfortunately, your current system can become more of a burden than a solution. As your business continues to expand, you need a manufacturing software platform that can expand and grow with you.

ERP for Small Business that Scales to Support Your Growth

As your business and transactions grow, your system can directly assist in improving your productivity through managing resources, saving time, and adding value. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the backbone for manufacturers to monitor, track, trace and communicate business and manufacturing activities throughout the supply chain.

The DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) ERP for small business foundation is built on a shared, common database that supports numerous functions – such as accounting, human resources, inventory management, order management, sales and customer service – while eliminating duplicate data entry by offering a “single source of truth” with accurate, up to date data for all users.

ERP for Small Business that Scales to Support Your Growth

The DELMIAWorks ERP system is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for manufacturers, including small businesses and start-ups. Begin with the core ERP system, featuring manufacturing and inventory control, sales and distribution, as well as financial management that automates key operating functions, including order processing, production and accounting. As your company grows, your DELMIAWorks system is scalable to grow with you, with additional shop floor and enterprise functionality  without costly third-party bolt-ons.

Single Source of Truth

With DELMIAWorks, there is only one database and one application to administer with a single, intuitive interface.  Gone are multiple systems and multiple spreadsheets.  Gone are double and triple data entries and exports.  Instead, enter the information in one application and your data automatically “talks” and “feeds” the other applications, providing you valuable, immediate insight and information the moment you need it.

ERP for small business features

  • Inventory Management

Inventory is one of the largest line items in cash flow management. With DELMIAWorks Inventory Management Software, your raw materials are tied to the system’s Master Inventory, feeding Bill of Materials (BOMs) and Work Orders.  As sales orders are processed and sent to production, you can receive real-time stocking level management and alerts, asset tracking and forecasting for future reorders.  These insights enable inventory optimization, ensuring the proper quantities of available inventory, increasing inventory turns, eliminating over/under ordering and overproduction, while minimizing costs.

  • Real-Time Decisions and Visibility

Gone are the days of monitoring processes and production with clipboards, pens and stopwatches.  Take your data collection and analysis to the next level with DELMIAWorks RealTime™ Production and Process Monitoring.  With RealTime™ Process Monitoring, process data is captured, viewed and analyzed in real time for traceability, increasing accuracy, improving quality while minimizing defects, rejects, returns and rework.

With RealTime™ Production Monitoring, track and embed performance automatically for all aspects of production in true real time, improving efficiency, visibility and productivity. View work center performance or check production as it occurs, including:

  • total parts created
  • production time
  • unscheduled downtime
  • rejects and outstanding parts
  • Quality Compliance

Demonstrate quality assurance to your customers while achieving stringent quality standards with DELMIAWorks Quality Management Software (QMS). Quickly and easily achieve compliance with regulatory and government agencies.  Eliminate redundant data entry, duplicate entries and errors by accessing your RMAs, non-conforming inventory and BOMs through your ERP, saving time, cutting costs and increasing communications.

  • EDI Capability

In many industries, utilizing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for ordering and invoicing is a customer requirement. DELMIAWorks EDI Software Solution translates and auto-fills requests, reducing processing time while improving efficiency and accuracy, shortening supply chain cycles.

  • Optimize Warehouse Efficiency

Whether your customers are demanding advanced product storage and delivery solutions, or your facility is looking for better ways to optimize inventory and warehouse activities, DELMIAWorks provides cost effective Warehouse Management System (WMS) software for your business. Enable real-time inventory control and production data, increasing data accuracy while lowering the cost of data collection.

ERP Implementation Support and Training

Not sure how to implement an ERP solution? Don’t have enough resources?  Don’t have the right resources? DELMIAWorks Professional Services team can assist.  With a solid team of project managers, solution architects and subject matter experts, the Professional Services team can assist start-ups with planning and implementing your new ERP solution.  Ensure full adoption of the solution through training, shadowing, mentoring and change management support.

With DELMIAWorks, your small business is in good hands, providing a comprehensive ERP solution that is tailorable to grow as your business grows over time. Be ready for the demands of your customers, including EDI and quality assurance, while optimizing your operations.  Adopt a solution that will grow with you today, tomorrow and in the future.

Why small businesses turn to DELMIAWorks

AMA Plastics came to the realization they could no longer rely on spreadsheets, whiteboards and incompatible accounting and manufacturing systems to sustain their growth. They turned to DELMIAWorks ERP and MES software to solve many of the same challenges experienced by other growing manufacturing companies. Watch this short video to learn more.

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