Job & Process Costing Software For Manufacturers from DELMIAWorks

Identify the true costs and profit margins of your manufacturing operation

The DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) Job and Process Costing Software provides accurate and timely costing information to allow corporate management to make informed decisions about production, pricing, process efficiency and more. The DELMIAWorks manufacturing and ERP software system tracks all costs of a manufactured item or a process including material, labor, equipment, outsourced operations and other resources that are directly required to produce that item. Detailed analysis and reporting tools allow you to identify the true costs and profit margins of your operation.

Track and Report Manufacturing Costs & Variances in Real-Time as they Occur

As a single source ERP and manufacturing software solution, data created or entered in other functional areas is reflected in real-time to allow you to track and report on costs and variances as they occur. Drill down to transaction details to view supporting data from purchasing, inventory, payroll, work orders and more.

  • Track standard, average and actual product costs.
  • Quickly determine actual vs. standard cost variances.
  • Analyze variances by:
    - Data Range
    - Production Order
    - Manufacturing Number
    - Sales Order
    - Lot Number
  • Inventory transactions are linked to specific General Ledger accounts.
  • Detail variances by cost element, cost variance or quantity variance.
  • Create and manage Purchase Price Variance (PPV) and production variance accounts.
  • Quickly and easily drill down to determine Profit and Loss down to the item number.

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