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Looking for a better way to monitor machine performance and drive IoT initiatives?

Real-Time Manufacturing Process Monitoring

Look no further. DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS)' RealTime™ Manufacturing Process Monitoring software gathers machine performance and process data at the PLC level in true real time. No batch interfaces. No costly and cumbersome third-party, SCADA or other batch software integration. Data collected can be charted directly or can be viewed through the DELMIAWorks SPC module to analyze trends in real time.

Actionable Insights to Prevent Costly Problems

But that’s just the beginning. RealTime™ communicates directly with manufacturing operations modules such as planning, scheduling and inventory as well as enables machine to machine (M2M) interaction to give you visibility and control over your manufacturing processes.  This level of interaction enables:

  • Improved operational efficiency by automatically driving processes and activities
  • Increased accuracy by reducing errors associated with human interaction
  • Improved quality and reduced costs associated with defects, rejects, products returns, and rework
  • Actionable intelligence delivered to control processes before they become costly problems
  • Focus on finding process exceptions before parts deviate from control/spec limits
  • More effective use of resources with predictive performance modeling

You Define the Performance and Measurement Parameters to Capture Other things

Hands-off data capture and analysis with DELMIAWorks RealTime™ Process Monitoring can be achieved on any device or machine with data communication capability such as a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). You define the performance and measurement parameters to capture for each item, tool, and machine configuration. The system provides the flexibility to gather unique, job-specific statistics to identify poor functioning equipment.

RealTime™ Process Monitoring Delivers:

  • IP-based communication utilizing wired or wireless Ethernet, supporting Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure
  • Capabilities to support and communicate with an unlimited number of PLCs, work centers, machines, measuring devices, or other manufacturing equipment
  • Optional proprietary PLC data acquisition hardware connects to any equipment, new or old via sensors and machine I/O’s
  • Simplified setup and configuration with parameters that can be quickly uploaded to your work center
  • Ability to monitor, analyze and communicate any other parameter the device can provide including pressures, temperatures, dimensions, weight, fill rate, and more
  • Auto-population to SPC charts and graphs
  •  Alert notifications include visual, text, email or audio notification
  • Web-based data access that allows performance monitoring from any desktop or mobile device
  • Data storage by part number, production order, manufacturing configuration and lot number with drill down capability to view additional job details
  • Powerful graphs, gages and reports provide accurate and instantaneous feedback
  • Simple to install, low maintenance solution built specifically for the shop floor environment


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