Integrate DELMIAWorks with other applications to increase collaboration and interoperability throughout your supply chain

Why use DELMIAWorks API

With DELMIAWorks Manufacturing ERP as the hub of your business and the WEB Application Programming Interface (API), you can leverage your ERP data with other third-party applications.  Whether connecting financial data into a parent company's ERP solution, sales quotes into a CRM solution, order data into a web store, or employee information into a payroll system, the WEB API does all this and more to improve communication, collaboration, and interoperability throughout your organization.

The DELMIAworks WebAPI Software Development Kit (SDK) comes with all the tools needed to communicate and trade information with other systems and applications.

The extensive set of APIs can be used to exchange data with web, mobile, third-party, and best-in-class applications that can create and receive web requests/responses, including: 

  • Custom-built programs
  • Parent and sister corporate systems
  • CPQ and other Sales Tools
  • Web StoreFronts
  • Ecommerce platforms
  • Transportation and Logistics applications

How It Works

The DELMIAWorks WebAPI Software Development Kit (SDK) is a .Net-based web service-oriented architecture (SOA) that exposes data structures to external systems so your developers can write applications that interact with the DELMIAWorks. The data structures are exposed through web services via JSON or XML data interchange format allowing for a fast and lightweight exchange of information between the WebAPI and a client application.

Benefits of DELMIAWorks Web API SDK

  • Native system business logic helps protect the data and business rules
  • Examples and helpful instructions expedite the development of application custom and user-specific applications
  • Preserve data integrity as duplicate data entry is eliminated
  • Streamlines the rules and development tasks that DELMIAWorks has spent decades developing

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